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Offering: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-hop, Tap, Tumbling, Acro, Cheerleading, Contemporary, Pointe, Musical Theater, Clogging & More! 

Register for Recital, Competition, Group, Private or just for Fun!

Currently for ages 12 months & Up! 


What’s going on at The Works?⬇️

Fitness classes coming soon!

New schedule and new season starting August 1st!

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Ballet & Tap



Tumble & Hip-hop


Ages 6-11 years

Ballet & Tap 5-6pm

Lyrical & Jazz 6-7pm

Hip-hop & Musical

Theater 7-8pm


I Can Do Anything (Special Needs)4-4:30

*Pointe 4:30-5:30pm

Competition Dance




* Tumble/Acro



* Pom 5-5:30pm



Ask about mixing and matching your classes




Ballet & Tap



Ages 12 & up:

Ballet & Tap 5:30-6:30

Lyrical & Jazz 6:30-7:30

Hip-hop & Musical


Theater 7:30-8:30pm



Ages 8+ Clogging 4-5



*Pom 6-7pm

Competition Dance





Make ups & More!

Register Now!


Image by Aykut Kılıç

Pricing & More!

Always open enrollment!




Registration $20. All students are required to pay this fee once per year upon registration unless notified otherwise. Completed registration application/waiver release forms along with the registration and recital fee and first month's tuition will hold your child's place in class. Season Tuition Reflected as a Monthly Rate. We have also broken down our classes into 30 min. sessions so, if you choose to mix and match you are welcome to. A valid credit card on file is required at the time of registration and will be auto drafted on the 10st of the month. If you choose to pay differently, please notify us before the 10th of each month.


Monthly Tuition:

Text 843-934-9291 for MONTHLY TUITION

Ask about sibling discounts & private classes

FREE Trial Classes are offered

Tuition Payments: All payments are due the 1st- 10th of each month. If payment is received after the 10th, a $10.00 late fee will be automatically added to your account. There is a $35 returned check fee for all returned checks. All payments are either cash, credit, or check payable to The Works Dance Company. We understand that times are tough, prices are going up everywhere and if you are in need of assistance, we will help out in any way we are able to with your classes. We want everyone to do what they're passionate about. Contact for more information.


The total value of lost days due to holidays or holiday breaks has been considered and is reflected in the monthly tuition amount. Parents/Guardians are responsible for purchasing all merchandise for student(s) including costumes, shirts, jackets, shoes, etc. As well as tuition, recital, competition fees, travel, hotel fees, etc. All fees & tuition are non-refundable. We do usually try to stick with the school system when it comes to holidays & cancellations. 




Makeup classes are allowed during the year in the appropriate level for your student depending upon the situation. Videos may be sent for make ups or for at home practicing. Students are expected to arrive on time. There are no discounts/refunds for classes missed due to illnesses, vacations, or injuries, etc. Our recital will be in June unless notified otherwise. The date and venue will be announced. You must register by April 1st to participate in the upcoming recital. 

Competitions will be local unless notified otherwise. Your instructor will give competition recommendations based on skill level and the date of your registration. 


Fundraisers: Why we have so many fundraisers?

Fundraisers allow us to keep our prices low and keep the fun going. We use the funds for competitions, recital, decor, food, costumes, new building, equipment, etc. Also, depending on the fundraiser, the funds can go towards your personal tuition, competition fees, costumes, etc. 



Due to covid we are taking as many cautions as we possibly can. We offer online and in person classes. If you come in person, you might be asking to wear a mask or social distance depending on government restrictions. Otherwise, we may take your temperature, ask you to keep your hands clean and if you have to cough or sneeze do it in a tissue, your arm, etc. so that we don’t spread germs. If you aren’t feeling well, were exposed to Covid-19, were around a sick loved one or are sick, we ask that you stay home. Thank you!



When you register for competition each student will be given the opportunity to do a solo, duet, trio and/or group dance routine. This will be determined by the instructor(s) based on skill level and experience. When possible we allow our soloist to pick their own music and competition style. We encourage our students to express themselves and try new things as well. Our competitions are currently staying local. We will be traveling more in the future. 



All of our scheduled routines will be in our annual recital. Our recital will be the last weekend in June, unless posted otherwise. It is not a requirement to be in recital. If you would like to dance, cheer, etc just for fun you are welcome to. This decision must be made at registration. 

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